Shiny New Website and off to Scotland.

Well, fancy this-look at this nice new website. Do have a poottle around, it’s still being edited and tweaked so any spelling errors, huge oversights or general thoughts are most welcome. I’m quite pleased with it. A big thank you to Pete Ashton for designing and building this, Pete’s here (on line that is).  And that background is a photo that Pete took of the carpet from my flat. No it really is. Here’s my flat in panoramic glory, just for fun:

On Tour

Links to tour dates for Scotland here. Links to tour dates for Cumbria here.

Later today I will be packing my bags, the postcard, an OHP and heading off to North East Scotland. Offering asides and accompanying me on this exciting and wet and windy journey will be my favourite subtle humoured techie from the motherland (Birmingham). A man used to tour managing stadium gigs, having grown up as a roadie, he has agreed to drive and plug things in for me with an air of dry reserve and a sense of slightly reluctant adventure. He might even be turning up in a new car, possibly a merc, which will only lead to several hours of my singing that song about it.

We are heading up to Banff in Aberdeenshire, which is on the coast, so I’m hoping to get in the sea, last check it was around 12 degrees, which is certainly do able. There may even be an opportunity to do some dolphin watching, everyone loves a dolphin watch, even in the driving rain.

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