Sam’s Review of My Dearest Girls: The Letters Book

This is a review that Sam wrote for me on the evening I performed My Dearest Girls: The Letters Book at The Heart of Norfolk on 14th March. He showed me on the evening and then I was sent it via email. I’ve not edited or changed anything. I never been so pleased with a review…sorry Lynn..Sorry Susannah …Sorry Chris…

‘Show starts at 7:30


The show:
Part one was really good.I didn’t go on any electronic games(it was that cool).I especially liked the song about how to be a good wife.I thought that it was the best show I’ve seen at Bradenham!
(To be honest I was the one that made the loud noise).

The bombing and planes reminded me of when I was in Y4,because I went on a school trip about WW2 and an air raid siren went off and we had to hide on the floor.

The second part was a lot more sad until the end of the war.It was a brilliant story.It couldn’t get any better than it was. It was nice to hear some humour in it.

Out of 1,000,000 I’d rate it….1,000,000! REALLY,I’M NOT KIDDING!!!!! Sam Age 9’

You can read more about The Letters Book Here

Want to see the show? Next date is mac, Birmingham 26th March, Booking here . Check later tour dates here

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  1. Amanda says:

    Sam is thrilled his review has been posted on your website. He thoroughly enjoyed the show, as did Robert and myself. I have never seen him so transfixed – he never once went to play on his laptop or nintendo which were sitting by him. Fran you did a stunning performance – full of energy – and as I said to you that evening – I don’t know how you do it!! All the best for the remaining performances and future projects!

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