What I do…Why I do what I do

I’m interested in telling stories, other people’s stories, other people’s words, my stories. I’m interested in creating stories, writing them or going somewhere, meeting people, doing something to make a story happen. I’m interested in unearthing stories, unpicking the past, finding the story behind a simple set of words.

I say interested a lot.

I’m a hoarder, an obsessive of words, objects, actions. The act of researching, finding, documenting is as much part of what I do as the performance it might become. I’m hunting out small stories through sub cultures and theories and objects. Stories that are familiar, universal, remind you of someone, of something. Hint at something bigger.

That’s the idea.

I usually talk to you, at you, with you. I expect you to react, and I do know you’re there. Sitting in the dark waiting for something to happen. I don’t pretend you’re not. I usually put the lights on so I can see your face. And you know that I know. This is an exchange.

I use pictures on OHP’s or power points or videos. I’m mostly me, sometimes a persona, sometimes pretending to be someone else that was/is real.

I try to make pictures out of stuff that I use, everyday stuff. Not actual pictures, snap shots, small actions of theatre, a little bit of magic with a wind up music box or a load of salt, or pieces of paper placed carefully on the floor. I think about what words sound like when lined up next too each other. Which words create a rhythm, a pattern, a place in themselves.

I think about words a lot. How they sound.

Ideas come from research into objects (postcards, letters)  places (house, cities), obsessions (the sea, swimming, sleep) and talking to people, listening hearing stories.

I want to entertain you, I do, I want to engage you, I want to make you laugh (most performer’s do), I want you to feel you’ve got you monies worth (even if it’s free), I don’t want to be a waste of your time. I want you to walk away with something; an idea, a distant memory, a story in that moment. That’s the idea.

That’s what I want.

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