Me, Myself and Miss Gibbs

Below is the official copy and touring information with contact details. If you want to know more about how it all started click here for Postcard Travels.

In 2003, Francesca bought a second hand postcard for 50p. The postcard, sent from Lincoln to London was addressed to a Miss L Gibbs of 62 Douglas Buildings, Marshalsea Road, Borough. Sent on July 15th 1910, the message on the back reads:

‘Be Careful Tomorrow. A.C.’

Part detective noir, part lecture, part personal biography, Francesca investigates the message on a postcard sent 100 years ago and finds herself obsessed by the life of the woman that received it. What happens when she starts tracing a history that isn’t her own? And why did Miss Gibbs have to be careful tomorrow?

In Me, Myself and Miss Gibbs Francesca takes the audience with her on this intricate, amusing and fascinating journey, gently questioning how we remember those that went before us and how we might like to be remembered ourselves.

Here’s some things that people say about Me, Myself and Miss Gibbs;

‘Clever and touching‘ Lyn Gardener

‘Beguiling, a perfect antidote to over production’ Susannah Clapp, The Observer

‘Compelling * * * *’ The Scotsman.


Miss Gibbs toured through spring and summer this year after a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe 2011 ( see biography for more detail-it’s down the bottom) .

It’s a one person show lasting an hour with no interval, although post show discussions have been popular. It that has been performed in spaces ranging from 30 seaters to 100 + in a variety of settings. I come with a technician and all my own equipment.


I have been testing out some workshops alongside touring Miss Gibbs; these can be tailored to different groups. Some workshop have been specifically for performance makers and students opening different ways of generating material by starting with an object. Another version is an open to all workshop based on participants bringing in their own objects that they are intrigued about and wish to unearth the story of through research and performance techniques.
Sadly Miss Gibbs has been packed away into her suitcase for the foreseeable future. She’s ok with it, she wants a break. I need to make a show that isn’t about postcards, She may come back again in 2015. Maybe. Or in a different form. Miss Gibbs is a project that has been part of my life for nearly 12 years on and off, so it’s unlikely that the story is finished complete. There will probably be a part two or a book, or a musical. No, not a musical. And there were three other postcards with their own stories…
Contact me on with any Miss Gibbs related enquiries.

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