Instructions for Heartbreak

Instructions For Heartbreak

A power point presentation on how to break your own heart.

Using wise words and advice of heartbreakers throughout the ages from Aristotle via Paul Mckenna to Billy Ray Syrus this wide ranging seminar will open you up to the possibility of romantic heartbreak and most importantly how to do it yourself.  There is a heart specific demonstration of it’s breaking and finishes, as all good heartbreak should, with a good old sing a long.

This was developed a few years ago through scratch performances at Practice at  Salisbury Arts Centre and Pilot at Wolverhampton Arena. I went on to perform it at Sprint at Camden People’s Theatre, Pulse Festival in Ipswich and as part of The London Word Festival at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Instructions For Heartbreak started as research project about the origin of heartbreak-why it has to be our hearts that break (why not lung collapse, liver failure, stomach ache?), where heartbreak really hurts and who really causes it. I asked people questions about their own heartbreaks, I compiled statistics (really nice pie charts), I did quite a lot of googling and wikipedia searching. I looked at ‘life coaching’ books and ‘Ways to Mend a Broken Heart’. I listened to a lot of songs and the wisdom in their words. (Rod Stewert, Etta James, Toni Braxton, ABC), and a wind up clown music box.

Instructions for Heartbreak (the full show) sits on the shelf with the possibility of being dusted off and re-developed at some point…


There is a Cabaret version that’s about 8 or so minutes long. It’s me in a lot of make up channeling Nigella Lawson ripping my heart out and causing a mess.  I’ve performed that at Duckie and at Barbara Nice’s Jamboree in Birmingham. I’ll probably be getting my heart out again soon.

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