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I lived in London for 7 years on and off (bar a year in Winchester where the incident with dead deer happened and I only really met people who were called Laura). Now I live in Birmingham, London’s less glamorous, but equally as interesting sister. I wrote some sporadic Love Letters to London as I left her, you can read them here

London loomed large in my work for a long while so here are a couple of projects that I worked on.

Ms Guided

‘I’m you’re host Ms Guided-a city aficionado of the highest calibre-there’s nothing I don’t know about London. I run a whistle stop tours of London exploring the famous and infamous sites of the big smoke while never leaving the confines one building! 

 I can tell you the height of Nelson’s Column in London Buses, where tube trains go when they die or why Canary Wharf is called Canary Wharf (it’s a sad story…)

 All tours include a chance to study for your City Assimilation Certificate Level 1 through training exercises and simulations such as the correct procedure for standing in The Escalator Test, avoiding handbags and sick patches in Commuter Musical Chairs or testing your commuter arithmetic in Oyster or Bust.’

Written specifically for Depot Untapped and site’s specifically for Arts Depot North London, this ran at intervals during the day, using Arts Depot building quirks and layouts to map London. I developed it in the middle of my love affair of London, when I was working a lot more with persona (read dressing up, wearing heels), making up facts and twisting the truth. At some point I’d like to return to a version of this, tailor made for different cities…now how many Bulls high is the rotunda in Birmingham…?

Let Me Take You By The Hand-Micro Stories for a Minature City

Let Me Take You By The Hand is a collection of stories written about London, too London, for London, by London. Starting with jumble of cardboard boxes, lights and an OHP the cityscape is built by stories and buildings that act as people, and words, buses and trains.  Letting the stories build the city, using the city to build the stories.

Developed as part of an MA, I always wanted this to be an audio tour around a tiny city. But I’m never really sure what I’d like to do with all those cardboard box buildings (I had to throw most of them away when I left London) maybe build a new one for Birmingham…

Here’s an audio recording of The Woman that music was stalking. I made this version for a Live Art speed date in Edinburgh in 2011. Best listened to through headphones.

Music Stalker


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