Postcard Travels


Post Card Travels (how it all began) 

Way back in 2003 as part of an arts University project I bought a postcard in a shop in Totnes. I was looking for a reason to travel, to explore my own country, to meet, people, find stories. My plan was to use old postcards as a reason to travel; picking them because of the picture, of the destination, the sender, the reciever. I would then travel from where that postcard was sent from to where it was sent to (bare with me-this was a arts degree ). So I pick other postcards, for their destinations, for their pictures. All the messages on the back tell stories of happy holidays and how are you’s, of thank for yours and how are the children, of Sandy Machphearson playing tiny gigs in small sea side towns… I pick out a postcard with Lincoln Cathederal on the front- not a place I’d been or I’d even seen before.


                                                                 I turn it over.

21 years old, I become obsessed by the postcard, by the message and by the woman who it was sent to. I travel to Lincoln to try to find the mysterious AC, I meet people (A psychic, two women in matching red jackets) collect stories and travel back down to London to try to discover what Miss Gibbs was doing on the day she had to be careful. I research three other postcards, travel around other places, meet other people, Miss Gibbs always following.

In 2004 I made my journey into a performance (talking about myself in the third person as I had been reading too much post modern detective fiction and I didn’t know how to be myself on stage). I took this to the Way With Words Festival 2004 and Brighton Fringe in 2005. I then I left it,left Miss Gibbs and  all those unanswered questions, as I graduated, moved to different places, worked in a call centre.

Some time later…

In 2009 the 1911 census was released three years earlier than it should have been. I begin researching again, spending days in local libraries and trawling through lists, I meet more people, I find out more about Miss Gibbs than I thought possible back in 2003.

I re-wrte and re-performed the story of me trying to find out the story of Miss Gibbs on the 100th year anniversary of the sending of the postcard July 15th 2010. Miss Gibbs won’t leave me, I won’t leave her and I take her to Edinburgh Festival in 2011.

Official copy and touring info here

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