Stories To Tell in the Middle of the Night

 ‘Something awakes you. Perhaps you were never really were asleep.
I’ll take you through the night. Its highs, its lows. Those frustrations. Turn on the light.  Look at the time. We’ll  populate the long dark hours, and the small light hours, with stories. People. ‘

 A live late night radio show for those that can’t sleep, instead of songs this DJ, she’s playing, telling stories. Stories that fracture and cut.  Recalling old loves, missed possibilities. Horror. Frustration in the tangling up of sheets. Some hope perhaps, as morning breaks.

A performance commissioned by Birmingham Repertory Theatre, produced by Pippa Frith. We completed a preview tour in Oxford, Leeds, London and Birmingham and followed with a successful run in Edinburgh:

‘A series of atmospheric small stories expertly delivered’  * * * *  The Stage 

‘Sometimes fun, often bitter-sweet, all of which have a connection to the night and the moods of the night’ * * * * The Scotsman

‘Stories to Tell…’ will be touring some selected dates in Autumn of this year.

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