The Forensics of A Flat (and other stories)

‘I live in a flat of wooden walls, 70’s carpet and doors that are locked from the other side. In the dark of the night, I listen to the building. It tells of finger prints on door handles and skin cells in the carpet, ghosts in the plumbing…’

A dissection of the history of a building and it’s surrounding area in the south of Birmingham. I tell stories about my beloved flat, the area it stands in, what it used to be, what it will become and the people that have populated it. It’s a bit stand up, a bit biography, a bit documentary, a love affair with a local area to the tune of bad karaoke.That’s me, up there, doing karaoke outside the row of shops I call home (prizes for guessing what I’m singing).

This my new show, one that I have been working on for a while. It’s about loss, change, what remains the same, nostalgia and when only a song will do. I’ve been working with some exciting people to get the show into shape; Mem Morrison, Nick Walker and Jill Norman.  There are some archive pages about the process here (right in the middle of when I was working out what it was).

Forensics opened at Birmingham Rep in May this year, and then had a preview tour at Pulse Festival Ipswich, Audlem Village Hall and Camden People’s Theatre. It will next be at Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford on October 1st. Booking here. More dates for 2015 coming soon..Also a little video coming soon. In the meantime here are some links to interviews and reviews.

The Guardian

The Upcoming

Behind The Arras

The Public Reviews

Here is a little (3 mins) video promo by the lovely Jam AV

Produced by Pippa Frith, in association with Birmingham Repertory Theatre, supported by Arts Council England and The Sir Barry Jackson Trust.

Images: Graeme Braidwood.

4 Responses to The Forensics of A Flat (and other stories)

  1. Ann says:

    Enjoyed your performance last night. Well done. Karaoke so much better than described. Minor issue that it took a long time to get the cheese from around my teeth as I didn’t get any wine. Carpet reminded me of student house where we knew the carpet had the memories and wine, beer etc of every party.

  2. Excellent show last night in Plumley. We nearly missed it – having browsed the RTN brochure at the last minute and read your blurb about the show. So glad we came. Reminded us of our old flat in Lambeth Walk in South London ( named after a very popular Cockney song!) That had a lot of history too. Rather long winded to go into but it involves a Great Train Robber – Buster Edwards, a gambling club , a brothel and an engineering shop to name but a few. Visitors also comprised Ivor Cutler, Emma Freud and Sir Clive Sinclair to name but a few!

  3. Inès Elsa Dalal says:

    Loved your performance at REP foundry almost a year ago, aching to see more ‘Forensics of a Flat’ in 2015!

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